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kissui no shitamachi

This Tokyo / Negishi area is so called.
In a hideaway for adults in such a stylish town
Enjoy the special space



Wine Sake Bar Fu-rin-an has a bar in a tea house that is over 60 years old.It is a unique space that only opens on weekends.

[sadou] is somewhat difficult image, such as manners In the first place, welcome customers and enjoy alcohol and food To do <sa dou>.

The theme is “What is the essence of entertaining people?” My host will give you a warm welcome.


WineSake is an old friend of mine I asked Mr. Jiro Ohashi, Sannin Liquor Store, to select everything. The garden was designed to be seen from all seats under the theme of Karisansui.

For lighting, please ask Tougami, a historical person We create a fantastic space with traditional Japanese lights.

All the furniture is made by Tendo Mokko, and you can feel the commitment to wood. You can relax with a low seat instead of a seat. For each table, the distance between each table shall be 1 ≒ 1.8 m ≒ 6 feet The bar for social distance. At tea parties, tea utensils are also an important factor in welcoming customers. From that spirit, glasses, tableware, cutlery, etc. are also special gems.


Please enjoy the space just a little away from everyday life.


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