ワインでは今や当たり前となっている「ナチュール(自然派)」ですが、日本酒のナチュールは珍しいものではないでしょうか。11代目蔵元でソムリエの経歴を持つ薄井一樹氏が手がけるこの「仙禽 オーガニックナチュール」は、それまで日本酒ではマイナス要素とされてきた酸味と甘味に注目し造られた、非常に新しいスタイルの日本酒です。完全に無農薬・無添加で、地元の水脈で育った米で日本酒を造ることにこだわっています。



You must have heard ‘Vin Nature’ but maybe never heard ‘Nature SAKE’. ‘Senkin Organic Nature’ is made by Kazuki USUI who is a CEO of SENKIN. He focused on the acidity and sweetness of SAKE, which tend to be thought as a bad factor. ‘Senkin Organic Nature’ is made without agricultural chemicals and additives. Therefore the style of this is quite different.from other Japanese SAKE.

It takes much more time and effort during the making process.

As a result of their efforts, it has an original flavours different from the competitors and archives their unique position. I highly recommend it to not only Sake lovers but also wine lovers.